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With a diverse workforce dedicated to the education of leaders of tomorrow, UF offers wonderful benefits and state-of-the-art work environments. Whether you are a new or a returning applicant, we thank you for your interest in UF employment.

How to Apply FAQs

How to Apply

The University of Florida offers a variety of exciting faculty opportunities. Our open faculty positions are hosted with Interfolio. All applications must be submitted online via the Careers at UF website and go directly to the department who makes the ultimate hiring decision.

The Interfolio help site offers detailed instructions on how to apply for a position and use Interfolio Dossier.

You've Applied, What's Next?

The time frame of each recruitment process varies greatly based on factors such as the volume of applicants, the search committee's schedule, and the need for the position. You may check the status of your deliveries and applications at any time.

  • Application Submitted
    Submit an online application to the position of interest. Be sure to refer to the Application Instructions section of each posting for information regarding required documents, special instructions for applicants, or contact information of the hiring department.
  • Contact for Interview
    The search committee with reach out to you to schedule an interview if you are selected to move forward in the recruitment process.
  • Outcome Notification
    Log in to your Interfolio account to check the status of your application at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Settings in Interfolio

How do I set up a new account with Interfolio?

Click the link to apply (Apply Now button) on the job announcement. You will be asked to sign in or create an account. If you haven't completed a profile, you may be asked to complete your profile in order to apply to the position. View a Quick Start Guide on Interfolio.

Can I update the email address on my account?

You can add or remove email addresses from your Interfolio account, but every account must have at least one email address linked to it. Once you are logged in to your account, from any application screen, click your name and select "Account Settings". Navigate to the Email & Communications tab. Click "Add Email" to add a new email address. Note: You cannot edit the primary email directly, but you can create an additional email and then make that email the primary address on your account. Enter the name of your new email address and confirm. To remove an existing email on the account, click the "X" next to the email address you want to remove. View the Update or Remove Email Address Guide on Interfolio.

I can't remember my password. How do I reset it?

How to recover your password from our home page
Visit and click the "Access my Dossier" button, and then click 'Forgot your Password?' link. Enter the email address associated with your Interfolio account and click "Send Password". We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password. Not receiving our emails? Take a second to add Interfolio to your contacts list so they don't get stuck in your spam. Otherwise, send the team an email at or call (877) 997-8807.

How to recover your password from the sign in ( page
Click "Forgot your Password" link, located under the sign in button. Enter the password and click "Reset". We will send you an email with further instructions for resetting your password.

Language in Job Postings

Does UF sponsor employment visas for faculty positions?

Yes, the University as an institution does offer visa sponsorship; however, that is done at the discretion of each hiring department. In the event that the hiring department offers an applicant visa sponsorship additional information will be required. Most visa processes usually last 4-6 months, in some cases longer.

What is the cutoff time to submit an application?

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (EST) of the date listed in the Applications Close field.

Prior to Submitting Your Application

What internet browser should I use?

It is highly recommend to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported.

What are the acceptable file formats for attached documents?

Materials can be uploaded in the following formats:

  • DOT
  • ODT
  • WPD
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Image files: While we do accept individual image files (PNG, JPEG, JPG), we recommend you collect images into a single word document or PDF and upload them as a single file.

Your files can be up to 100MB in size. During the upload process, our system will automatically convert all files to PDF format for consistency. You can also add Youtube and Vimeo Videos to Your Dossier.

Application Process

What does my application status mean?

New: the recruitment process is still underway, and your application is still being reviewed.

Withdrawn: you have removed your application for consideration.

The search committee will communicate with you regarding your status as they move through the recruitment process.

How can I add documents to my application, or make changes to a document that I have already uploaded to my application?

You can edit, delete, or replace an uploaded document from the documents page of your application. Click the edit pencil icon next to the document. This will allow you to change the title and type of the document, or to replace it with a new document.

Click the trash icon to delete a document from the application. Confirm that you want to remove the document from the application.

To replace a document, click "Replace" in the bottom right corner of the window. Select a replacement document and click "Add," or click "Add New File" to upload a new document. Click "Next" when you are finished adding required documents. Verify your name and address, select the highest degree you have earned, enter where and when you earned the degree. Note that you can choose not to disclose your education information. Click "Next" when you are finished.

Review, confirm, and submit your delivery (application)

Step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Can I withdraw or edit my application once I have submitted it for a specific job posting?

Yes. You may review, edit, and track your Interfolio-hosted positions by navigating to "Deliveries." Log in to your Dossier account and click "Deliveries" on the navigation bar. You will see in-progress and sent deliveries listed with status, notes, delivery type and actions. Click to edit, withdraw, or submit deliveries.

How do I Request and Send Letters of Recommendation to an Interfolio-hosted Position?

View the Request and Send Letters of Recommendation Guide on Interfolio.

Job Opportunities with UF Partners

I'm interested in positions at UF Health. How do I apply and/or check the status of my application?

UF Health is composed of four different institutions, each with their own Human resources department and job application process. To apply or check your application status, or to find more information, please visit, select the appropriate institution, and follow application instructions.

I need help with my faculty application or Dossier account that wasn’t answered by the FAQs. What now?

You can find immediate answers and solutions to common questions about Interfolio products through our Help Center.

If you can't find a solution, you can submit a support ticket for technical support, customer service, or product assistance.

Note: Support tickets work the same as submitting a support request by email. If you prefer, you can still submit help requests by email to

In either case, Interfolio support agents read every incoming help request to make sure your questions receive a proper response.

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