The following are the different type of job categories at the University of Florida:

Staff Full-Time or Part-Time (TEAMS): Technical, Executive, Administrative and Managerial Support. The University of Florida offers Full-Time or Part-Time Staff positions classified as TEAMS.  The TEAMS classification can be permanent or time-limited for hourly or salary positions.  Staff positions range from Mechanics, HR Assistant, Custodial Workers, Finance Analyst, and Research Coordinators to Director and Assistant Vice Presidents.  Additional information about Staff-Full Time / Part-Time (TEAMS) employment can be found in our Employee Handbook.

Temporary Full-Time or Part-Time (OPS): OPS, or “Other Personnel Services” temporary employment comprises the University of Florida’s at-will, temporary jobs.  OPS temporary appointments can be terminated at any time without cause. Please note that OPS temporary appointments are distinct from time-limited Staff Full-Time positions. It is at the hiring department’s discretion to prolong an OPS temporary appointment.  In fact, in some cases an OPS appointment can last several years depending on the funding.

Faculty Full-Time and Part-Time: The University of Florida offers full time and part time faculty appointments with responsibilities in teaching, research, extension, and/or providing administrative functions directly related to the academic mission and accomplishment of the University goals. 

Post-Doc Associate: is an individual who has completed a degree program at an institution and is being employed in a department performing research work. They are typically employed for up to four years, with any additional years being approved by HR and the Provost Office. 

Student Assistants: Student Assistants include undergraduate and graduate students. A Student Assistant is a person enrolled at the University of Florida in a degree program and is being employed in a department performing non-academic work, which differentiates their classification from that of a graduate assistant.

Time Limited positions: Time limited positions are based on circumstances, such as funding sources, which control the length of time for which the position is available. A time-limited position shall have the same rights as a position with a regular appointment modifier, except such position does not have rights provided for layoff, recall, and notice of non-reappointment.