Two-thirds of families rely on dual incomes according to the U.S. Census Bureau and we recognize that your decision to join UF may be strongly influenced your partner’s/spouse’s employment status.  The University of Florida has two dual career programs to assist partners/spouses of recently hired faculty and staff.

  • Gainesville Dual Career Partner/Spouses and Relocation Support Network
  • UF Dual Career Program for Academics

Gainesville Dual Career Partner/Spouses and Relocation Support Network

The University of Florida partnered with the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce to create a holistic approach to assist you and your family in relocating to the Gainesville area. This program offers career support to partners/spouses, and goes a step further by offering practical and emotional support to you and your family as you transition to the Gainesville area

The program offers:

Career Support

  • In-person consultations with a career consultant and formal career assessments
  • Established business partners committed to a dual career and transitional support network—guaranteeing trailing spouses/partners unprecedented exposure to local and regional hiring agents

Practical Support

  • Website and other recruitment materials dedicated to showcase the “Gainesville Story” to candidates
  • Resources dedicated to providing relocation and other information helpful to new residents of Gainesville
  • Connection opportunities to learn more about the area and network with other professionals
  • Tours of Gainesville for partners during candidate interviews

Emotional Support

  • Coordinated social gatherings for new employees
  • Mentorships and social contact opportunities with established dual career couples and families
  • Resources on community activities, clubs, volunteer opportunities, and entertainment

Who qualifies for this program?

This program is available to both newly hired faculty and staff with partners/spouses in any career field.  To learn more about the program please visit: To participate in the program, please contact your hiring department for a referral.  For additional information, please contact Melissa Curry, Director of Recruitment and Staffing at

UF Dual Career Program for Academics

The UF Dual Career Program for Academics provides support for academic partners/spouses of newly hired tenure track faculty.    With the agreement and cooperation of the Dean(s) and Department Chair(s) of both the original hire and the spouse/partner hire, cooperative funding may possibly be arranged across the two departments and the Provost’s Office.  Although the University cannot guarantee employment, department chairs and deans are encouraged to inquire about this service as soon as the possibility of relocation emerges for the partner/spouse of a new faculty hire.

To initiate the process, the Chair of the initial Hiring Department contacts the Chair(s) of the Department(s) for which the spouse or partner may be qualified. If the Department Chairs and Deans in both, the original hiring department and the spouse/partners’ prospective department, agree to the funding formula listed below, then the Dual Career Application Form  must be completed.  Once the form is signed by both Department Chairs and both Deans it must be forwarded to the Provost who is managing Faculty Development (Dr. Angel Kwolek-Folland c/o Ileana McCray.) The Provost’s Office will consider funding 1/3 of the necessary salary and benefit support for the spousal/partner hire.

In the form, indicate if the Provost’s Office share of the funding is requested for 2 or 3 years. 3 years is generally the maximum length of support from the Provost’s Office, and a request for 3 rather than 2 years should be justified. A tentative plan for continued employment of the spouse/partner’s hire (after the Provost’s Office share of the funding has ended) should be provided.  If the request is related to the hire of an underrepresented group, indicate this in the form.

Spousal/partner Hire with shared funding:

  • 1/3 funding: Department of original faculty hire
  • 1/3 funding: Department of spousal/partner hire
  • 1/3 funding: Provost’s Office
  • The Provost’s Office funding is made available from a $1 million revolving account.
  • Funding support from the Provost’s Office is typically for 2 full academic or calendar years  and does not generally exceed 3 full academic or calendar years (depending on the contract of the hiring unit.)
  • Spouses/partners hired under this arrangement are not be guaranteed employment beyond the 2-3 year funding period, unless full position funding is available by the partners hiring department or the original hiring department after the Provost’s Office funding has ended.

Gainesville and Community Resources

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